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Sanskrit Classes

"मित्रसंग्रहेंण बलं सम्पद्यते " 

अच्छे और योग्य मित्रो की अधिकता से बल प्राप्त होता है 

Sanskrit has an important link with India. Both Hindi andSanskrit shares Devanagari lipi. Also, Sanskrit is the language in which Hindu Upanishads and shastras have been written. It is considered a sacred language for Hindus. Apart from this, Sanskrit is considered the best language for computers. All these justify the teachings of Sanskrit in our school.


Importance of Sanskrit in fashionable education may be just another topic of discussion but it should be considered more seriously. Taking this point into consideration school teaches Sanskrit subject from Jr. Kg.

The books of Sanskrit used are Aruna, Udya, Saarini , Prapdya, Supada.


In 2018-2019, academic year , our student ,from std 3rd ,Master Atharva Keche got 2nd prize in Sanskrit badbadgeet competition.

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