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Religious visit

Students of std 2nd had the opportunity to encounter religion through visits to places of worship on 24th August ,2018. They have studied different religions and they should be able to recognize religious objects and icons, keeping this objective in mind this field trip was organised and the students were taken to a Gurudwara in Sindhi Colony, Aurangabad ,a place of worship of the Sikhs.

The office bearers of the Gurudwara extended a warm welcome to the students and explained the importance of Guru Granth Sahib . Even importance of washing legs before entering Gurudwara and how it is mandatory to cover head in Gurudwara was told to students.

Students also visited Jain Temple (Pandariba) where they sought discipline.

This field trip not only exposed students to places of worship but also gave an opportunity to experience the demonstration of spiritual expression of other faith communities.


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