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Educational Visit

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Std 4th had educational visit on 28/08/2018 , tuesday

The students visited Mahatma Gandhi Seva sangh (Service Provider of artificial limb, education services & human resource developments services in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.)

Students were shown making of artificial leg. They even showed working of artificial hand.

After observing demonstrations of the technical expertise used at the center, they were shown some of the ready-made, imported prosthetic components.

There is a saying that a person, who keeps himself occupied with books, will never lose the peace of his mind. Keeping this thought in mind and in order to inculcate a habit of reading & to develop interest in reading we even visited to a government library which has vast collection of books.

The library had partitions which divide it into different sections. It has a variety of sections as literature, history, mathematics, fiction, nonfiction, music, sports and many other fields.

We get to read 26 newspapers in library (20 in Marathi , 4 in english , 2 in urdu).

After library visit student had lunch in Siddharth garden .

Student learnt a lot from this visit and are eagerly waiting for next educational visit.


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