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"Participating in so many festivals and their activities shows that we are a growing community" 



In Maharashtra, Ashadi Ekadashi is an auspicious occasion to worship lord Vithoba in Pandharpur. It is a religious procession festival which is held every year during the Aashaadh Shukla paksha.

On this day students are taken to near temple. Some of the students hold palkhi .Some children  wear holy Tulsi beads and sing glories of Lord Vithoba. The palkhi procession starts from the school to near Vitthal-Rakhumai mandir.


They return to the school amid chants of "Dnyaneshwar Mauli, Shri Dnyanraj Mauli, Tukaram". Some student get dress up as Vitthal –Rakhumai. Students are dressed in ethnic wears like dhoti and kurta and navari  and sing devotional songs during this  journey.

It is simply spectacular to see this tradition of Shrividya which is very colourful and energetic.

This dindi that showcases the distinctive feature of Maharashtrian culture and helps develop social skills is exhibited in Shrividya.



The celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, comes alive at Shrividya every year, when the whole school wears a festive look with diyas and lanterns adorning the reception and corridors of the school.

Diwali is a time to reflect on and evaluate our thoughts, words, and actions over the past year.

Students of Shrividya celebrate  the festival of Diwali by making Diwali handicrafts, which were prepared by the students themselves.They colour diya, make lantern which are colourful and decorate with ribbons, sparkles, beads, stars, mirrors, glitters etc

All in all, the  day is filled with fun and frolic for the students



Holi is a festival of colours. It is celebrated across the country. Holi signifies victory of good over evil. It is celebrated to welcome the spring season. When it comes to children, we all know that they love to play with colors.

We at Shrividya celebrate holi , where the  teachers explain the children about the significance of holi festival. Colourful activity on holi is done by children as a take away.


"Holi is a time to reach out with the colors of joy. It is the time to love and forgive. It is the time expresses the happiness of being loved and to be loved through colors."

Cultural activities such as these help students assimilate and appreciate the richness and diversity of not just the local culture but also go a long way in enhancing the social and cultural fabric.

Shrividya students enjoy splashing eco-friendly colours on friends. It is a great experience for everyone as the festival of Holi which signifies the coming together of different communities and the celebration of the spirit of universal brotherhood.

Nag Panchmi


We celebrate the Nag Panchami festival by worshiping snakes’ idols . After that , everyone enjoys the Zoka and Fugadi . On the occasion of  Nag Panchami , mehendi  is drawn on hands of boys and girls. They all worship Snake god.

Student are made aware about the wrong practices followed in our society like drinking of milk by snake, snake dancing on sound made by snake charmer, etc.



In order to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna, a celebration is organized in school for children. All children come in traditional dresses. Some boys come dressed as ‘Krishna’ and some girls come dressed as ‘Radha’.

Beautiful decorations are put up to make this event more cheerful and colorful. Children dance on the tunes of garba. A ‘Matki Phod’ event is also organized to mark the mischievous nature of ‘Bal Gopal’.

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